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Create a Life You Love...Guaranteed!

Registration Deadline 2/28/19


What's the rest of your life worth to you? We have created a program guaranteed to help you design the life you want—one where your experience, talents, and passion converge in the “sweet spot” of a life you love. You’ll get a solid plan, a community to rely on, and ongoing resources for years to come. 

Build the life you love: 1. Schedule a call to start the conversation 2. Sign up for the Encore Program 3. Live an exciting and rewarding life

retirement looks good


The Encore Program is specifically designed for people who are considering retirement or have recently retired. This program is for people who want to move to their next phase with a clear plan, identified resources and a strong community.  

The Encore Program includes the following elements, displayed in the graphic below:  

  • Twelve months of guidance, training and professional executive coaching 
  • Two intensive live summits  
  • Small and large group learning experiences 
  • Ongoing virtual community over the course of the twelve month program and beyond 
  • Individual strategic planning sessions 
  • Individual, scientifically proven assessments to provide insights on personal motivations, behaviors, blind spots, and opportunities  

The Encore Program is a twelve-month experience in which participants design and test work and lifestyle options that are meaningful and satisfying. It integrates validated self-discovery assessments and proven life design principles with two engaging live summits, professional one-on-one and group coaching, and a small peer group that supports and challenges each participant. The Program takes place within an environment conducive to creativity and discovery. 

Individual coaching and preparation begin three months prior to the first live summit and begins with a process of personal awareness. The first live summit is five days and focuses on client discovery, design principles and application, and the development of focused individual projects. Following the first live summit, both individual coaching and small group coaching support each client as they test, redesign, and integrate desired actions and behaviors. The second live summit is four days and focuses on participants launching re-invented lives and integrating their new life choices with resources and supportive relationships.


We guarantee our team of experts will help you design a life you love.

Michael Diettrich-Chastain Arc Integrated

Madelon Capozziello MRC Advisors 

Mark Hamilton Third Stage Ventures

Deborah Charlton Kappa Source

Roxi Hewertson Highland Consulting Group


Will Sparks, Ph.D. Sparks and Associates

Dick Richardson Experience to Lead

Dr. John Bennett - The Encore Program

John Bennett, Ph.D., PCC, BCC Lawton Associates



Asheville, North Carolina  

(800) 603-9134  

Our two live summits will be held in a luxurious hotel in Asheville, North Carolina, with stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Join us for an unparalleled learning and growing experience. Our team of experts will help you design a life you love. Are YOU ready for your next adventure?  

Registration for The Encore Program requires an introductory conversation and a 50% deposit payable by check or any major credit card. 

Registration for The Encore Program includes:

  • Nine days on site 
  • Twelve individual coaching sessions
  • Six group coaching sessions
  • Three webinars
  • Lodging for live summits at a luxury hotel in Asheville, NC
  • Most meals for live summits
  • Spa or golf certificate for live summits
  • Access to experts in human development and sustainable change
  • Scientifically proven assessments to evaluate needs, strengths and opportunities
  • Guidebook with repeatable process for reinvention
  • BOLD Planfor living a fulfilling and happy life
  • Membership to an ongoing community to support you along the way (free for one year after graduation)
  • A strategic plan to launch you into your new life

When you complete The Encore Program, we GUARANTEE you will have the tools to change your life ...and have fun along the way! 



Encore Coaching is one-on-one coaching from qualified, professional coaches. It is designed to help individuals navigate through significant transitions in their lives. Coaches hold sessions with clients, typically virtual, for a minimum of six months. To inquire about Encore Coaching opportunities, schedule a call today.


Encore Elite is a customized program, designed specifically for your group. A minimum of five participants is required. There is a six-month lead time for the Encore Elite Program. Pricing is based on the number of participants and design needs. To inquire about the Encore Elite Program, schedule a call today.  


"Michael is a honest and grounded voice for people looking to take steps forward, not only in their professional lives, but in their personal lives. This is an all-encompassing approach. It will get you to consider yourself from a holistic perspective. Mentally, professionally, and personally." - Executive, Innovation  

"My coaching has had great value! Debbie’s questions continually cut through the details of a specific issue or situation to get to the heart of the matter. She continually helped me clarify my thinking about key business issues and improve my personal performance." - Director, Financial Planning and Analysis  

"The best overall description of Roxi is framed in words that best translate or choreograph to “transformation.” Roxi Hewertson is a uniquely gifted individual, and more importantly, she is a pivotal change agent in the lives of people (personal and professional). Roxi has an innate and results-oriented competence that can move a person, a relationship, a team, or a company…" - CEO, Senior Living

“Madelon and her team assisted us in taking a hard look at ourselves and examine the behaviors that were barriers to our success. She encouraged honest dialogue, radical candor, and compassion for ourselves and each other. We moved from stuck to action. Our leadership team has alignment and a clear direction.” - Senior Vice President, Manufacturing  

“In my 30+years as a business leader I have worked with & employed dozens of coaches to work with the executives in my organizations. I can honestly say that Mark is in the top 3 of the people I have met over that time. He is my “go to” coach when I need someone who can work with the more difficult executives. He has the ability to build almost immediate rapport & trust, which is often times the biggest obstacle. He ultimately achieves just the right balance between hand holding and solo flight.” - Retired Executive Vice President, Global Fortune 500 Company  


The Encore Program is offering valuable sponsorship packages, customized to your ideal level of investment. Below you’ll find a link to inquire about our sponsorship packages.


In addition to having an audience that is of influence to your markets, The Encore Program is also offering significant sponsorship packages, customized to your level of investment. Below you’ll see our generous three, four and five star sponsorship packages.