Who should attend?  

The Encore Program is for people experiencing or anticipating a significant change in their lives. It is specifically focused on those who are considering retirement and who want the next stage of their lives to be dynamic and vibrant. It is also for those who have recently retired and are unhappy with the way their lives are playing out—who want more out of the rest of their lives. We’re looking for people who want to move to their next phase with a clear plan, identified resources and a strong community.  

How many people are included in each Encore Program cohort?  

We’ve limited our cohorts to a maximum of 30 participants so that each participant gets the attention and support they need. Each cohort stays intact for the entire program.  

What will I have when I complete the program?  

When you’ve completed the Encore Program, you’ll have everything you need to launch a life you love, including:

  • A solid plan to launch your next stage of life
  • Transformational onsite experiences that build personal awareness and design your strategy for unretirement  
  • Ongoing membership in a community of peers who help enable one another’s plans
  • 12 months of best in class executive coaching  
  • Somatic exercises/practice to integrate learning, spur creativity and act as tools to de-stress
  • Personal guidebook-journal that fosters insights, integrates the structure and elements of the program, and provides a repeatable process for reinvention
  • Insightful assessments on values, motivators and self-actualization attributes  
  • Clear purpose statement 
  • BOLD Plan for living a fulfilling and happy life
  • Guidelines to incorporate loved ones into the change process  
  • A clear process that you can repeat on your own 
  • Membership to an ongoing community to support you along the way (free for one year after graduation)
  • The joy of waking up each day to life you love  

What is the purpose of coaching in the program?  

The Encore Program employs coaching to ensure success and sustainable change. We want you to have a satisfying experience and result. Some of the benefits of coaching include:  

  • Creates a safe and trusting environment to take risk  
  • Adds accountability  
  • Helps move participants toward their goal achievement  
  • Supports sustainable change  
  • Provides clear and necessary feedback  
  • Assists in achieving greater self-awareness  
  • Provides a broader view and perspective  
  • Challenges limiting beliefs  
  • In addition, research shows that people who receive coaching find the return on investment is 6 times the coaching program cost. (Research by Manchester Consulting Group)  
  • When training is combined with coaching, individuals increase their productivity by 86% as compared to 22% with training alone. (Study by Personnel Management Association)  

What is the total investment of time in the program?  

Your investment of time will be based on your individual goals and preferences. You should plan to spend a minimum of:  

  • Coaching – approximately 2 hours per month for 12 months 
  • Individual work – approximately 2-3 hours per week  
  • Onsite sessions – 9 days  

What does the cost of the program include?  

Registration in The Encore Program includes: 

  • 12 months of Executive Coaching  
  • Two experiential onsite sessions 
  • Lodging and most meals for both onsite sessions 
  • Scientifically proven assessments, assessment results and debriefs
  • Encore Program Guidebook  
  • Membership to an ongoing community to support you along the way (free for one year after graduation)
  • Evidence-based roadmap to implement and create a life you love  
  • Travel expenses are not included  

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?  

Yes! The Encore Program offers a limited money back guarantee for everyone who completes all aspects of the program.  

How do I pay for the program?  

We accept all major credit cards, bank transfers and checks.  

Can I pay in installments?  

Payments are due in full by the registration deadline. Participants can pay a non-transferable, non-refundable 50% deposit any time before the registration deadline. This 50% pre-payment will hold their space in an upcoming cohort.  

What if I need to cancel?  

Based on individual circumstances, you may be able to attend a future program. However, the program fee is non-refundable.  

Can my spouse or partner attend The Encore Program with me?  

Because this program is an intense individual exploration, we encourage partners to attend separately. We understand that change has a significant impact on loved ones. We will include discussion and strategies for navigating relationships while moving through change.  

Do I have to stay at the designated hotel?  

Yes. The onsite sessions are immersive experiences. We create a unique environment for personal reflection and creativity. We also want to encourage the development of a community of your peers.  

Do I need to attend all onsite sessions?  

Yes. The Encore Program is an all-inclusive process and participation is essential. Full participation is also required for graduation.  

What if I just want individual coaching?  

Let’s chat. We are happy to discuss individualized coaching options with you. Please contact us today for more information.  

I have a group who would like a more individualized program, can you help?  

Yes. We’re happy to discuss our Encore Elite Program ™, customized for your small group. Call us for details!